10/18-04/24Foxit Software Inc.Sr. Lead Designer
08/17-10/18Fitmart GmbH & Co KGMarketing Manager
02/15-08/17ProtonetFrontend Developer
Freelance -15:
Korb + KorbSwissair KinderhilfeNochtspeicher
Der Kleine KnickReiterring BodenseeAkofin
Art of Movement100 Years Panama CanalRoadrunner Hostel
Reitsport LiveVigna Grande
Ausbildung -13:
HTWG KonstanzKommunikationsdesign BA
Software Skills:
PS, AI, ID, AE, XD, PR, AU, Figma, SketchChatGPT, Midjourney, Firefly, DALL.E, Perplexity, Rabbit R1,
Office, Webflow, WordPress, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Audacity, Ableton Live, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python

Foxit Foftware

Everybody would buy from here on, right?

Not in B2B land. Probably some intern or any other employee would get themselves a trial and report to the boss from there on. Unlikely but could happen: the boss does her own initial research. Why would they? But:

This is your chance. If you manage to provide the right experience to the user and the right information to the buyer at this point, that person will talk about it, everybody will understand what that person is talking about, and ultimately why it makes sense to embrace it.

So what does that information look like? It’s people’s insurance not to get fired. They’re relying on endless lists of features and requirements that protect them from not having an answer if things go sideways.

Compression Baby

Would you share this ad with your friends?

Of course you would. Probably not because you like or need compression socks in particular. But the plain idea of that MDMA trip happening to you when wearing grandma’s trombose knittings will never let you forget this moment.


Evan Reiss

Foxit CMO 23-present

Crashing $100m annual revenue.

„Excellent knowledge. Just great spirit.“

Frank Kettenstock

Foxit CMO 09-23

Lead Foxit from 25m to 75m $ annual revenue.

„I worked with Phil twice – in different companies – for about 7 years in total. He is one of the most holistic people in marketing I know.

With Phil you’ll get brand strategies, product pages, campaigns, user interfaces, analytics and tech, even some business background, everything in one person.

All-in work mentality and outstanding communication skills made him one of the most valuable members of the Foxit marketing team.“

Vincent von Kroge

Fitmart COO 18-21

Something with media.

„Phil who?“

Noch Fragen?

Noch Fragen?

See what foxit looked like when i joined in 2018 on timemachine.com/123

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